What is PointKit?

PointKit is an online project collaboration tool designed for freelancers, contractors, professionals, and small teams.

With PointKit teams can assign tasks to each other, track time spent on tasks, and invoice for time spent working. All within an intuitive AJAX driven user interface.

Store and share important project documents, videos, pictures, audio. Easily associate files to tasks and messages. Upload multiple files at the same time to save time. Files get sorted automatically for you into documents or media.


Bitmain Studios Logo Bitmain Studios Inc. is a company that specializes in web application development.

Bitmain Studios is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and was founded by Miguel Hernandez in 2009.
If you want to get in contact with us, please send us an email at info@pointkit.com.

Miguel Hernandez - PointKit Creator

Miguel Hernandez - Bitmain CEO Hello, this Miguel Hernandez the CEO and Founder of Bitmain Studios Inc.
I started Bitmain on April 2009 with the vision to develop simple, useful, and beautiful web applications.

I moved from beautiful and rainy Bilbao, Spain to beautiful and rainy Vancouver in the summer of 1996.

Since then I have done my best to follow my dreams and passions, and because I have many (and the list keeps growing) I have lived many wonderful experiences over the years. (some times no so wonderful.. that is the beauty of life).

I was born on a controversial city, within a controversial culture, within an amazing country, Spain.

I go back there every chance I get to discover new places and rediscover old ones. I've done El Camino de Santiago (which if you are looking for a truly inspiring experience you must surely include in your bucket list.), been to 2 volunteer working Summer camps in Valencia and Madrid, worked in Finland, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic..

I Spent and exchange year in Houston, Texas where I first learn to speak Texan, I mean English. One summer I skydived in Chilliwack, another one I learned paragliding over some of the most beautiful beaches in northern Spain.

Besides traveling I have many other passions such as playing soccer, playing piano, ping-pong, tennis, sailing, karaoke, editing, foosball, filmmaking, inventing.. etc.

Professionally, I've done my share of cool and not so cool things, from designing plywood manufacturing machinery, programming laser cutting machines, 3D industrial animation, involved in the production of 35+ music videos and commercials, developing time tracking and video managing databases to.. all kinds of bizarre and unique assignments as door to door coupon selling, shooting behind the scenes of the life of Canadian Billionaire Calvin Ayre, shooting adult comedy with Spanish most recognized adult entertainer Torbe in Madrid and the island of Mallorca, shooting and editing Human Rights Activist, and former Miss Canada's 2003 Nazanin first music video in Oaxaca Mexico..

PoinKit is a very dear project to me. I have spent many months building and application which I hope can make your life easier when working by yourself or with other people.
I am sure many of you will find PointKit very useful and, of course, many that won't. Either way, your feedback will be invaluable to help me making this service better, so whether is love or hate, please let me know by email at feedback@pointkit.com or on Twitter at @pointkit.


Miguel Hernandez

Miguel Hernandez
Bitmain Studios Inc. CEO